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Mind,Body, Book - From Idea to Book.

I run several workshops & public speaking events throughout the year.


Currently, these events are only offered here in the Byron Bay Area, Australia.


However, all mentoring services are offered online.

Festival of Color

Writing involves the head, the heart and some hard yakka, and in this unique course, two very different published authors – an Educational psychologist and an editor unite to help you free your inner storyteller and finish that book.


We look at the ins and outs of writing and what’s really holding you back, from the subconscious (ego, fear, doubt) to the practical (time management, structure, technique).


We also explore the legacy and psychology of storytelling and ask, who owns your story?


This is a hands-on course with tools and exercises to vanquish your inner critic, uncover your authentic voice and draw your story out.

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