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Business Coaching

Unlock your business's potential with our comprehensive coaching services. I focus on helping you create and build a robust online business and efficient business systems. My expertise encompasses branding, communication, and professional blogging (business storytelling) to ensure your success.

Online Business Setup and Expansion

From the initial setup to growth strategies, I guide you through every step of establishing and expanding your online presence. I help you:

  • Develop a solid business foundation and structure.

  • Implement effective online business systems for seamless operations.

  • Identify and target key markets for expansion.

Professional Blogging and Storytelling

Enhance your brand's voice through compelling content that engages and resonates with your audience. My services include:

  • Crafting captivating blog posts that reflect your brand's identity.

  • Developing a storytelling approach to make your business narratives more engaging and memorable.

  • Utilizing SEO strategies to ensure your blog reaches a wider audience.

Strategies for Engaging with Multicultural Audiences

I provide tailored approaches to connect with diverse markets, including expats and creatives, ensuring your message transcends cultural boundaries. My strategies include:

  • Understanding cultural nuances and their impact on business communication.

  • Developing customized communication plans to engage effectively with multicultural audiences.

  • Training on cultural sensitivity and inclusive marketing practices.

My business coaching services are designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to build a successful online business, establish a strong brand, and communicate effectively with a global audience. Let us help you unlock your business’s full potential.

Bookings and quotes

As each project and service has unique requirements, please contact me directly for quotes and pricing.


Book an initial one-hour Zoom consultation for the special price of USD 95/AU$120 to discuss your project and receive a tailored quote.

Contact me to book your session and start your journey with Louise Sommer.

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