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Blogging: Empowering the Voice of the Future.

When I started researching women in history, back in the 1990’s, I became acutely aware of the many stories that had been left untold. I also saw just how over-simplified and often incorrect, the officially accepted version of history is.

This has created a problematic absence of narrative when exploring who we are, and where we come from. This lack of truthful narrative has a really big influence on how we view the future.

All my research travels have taught me how storytelling is the very language of the human soul.

It is through our stories that we are able to not only connect across borders, boundaries, differences, social and educational status, it is also how we are able to understand ourselves in the complex context of life.

Images: © Louise Sommer | Photos: Me on research trips to Malta and in Greece

Over the years, as a blogger, it became very clear to me, that blogging provided the platform that gave us complete freedom to re-connect via educational conversations. Conversations that I believe are essential for us for have as we navigate our way into the future. And why is that so?

We are living in a time, where it is essential that we want to heal the gap between ‘you’ vs ‘me’, that we learn from our ancient tribal cultures and start to relate to each other with a connected sense of ‘us’. If we change our conversations to those that support a connected sense of ‘us’ and ‘togetherness’, we can only help create a more peaceful future.

Blogging is the modern platform that can embrace all of our voices, and all of our stories, in all of their colours! And blogging is independent - free. This makes the potential of blogging endless and extremely powerful!

The fact that the essence of storytelling is ingrained in all of us makes all of our stories important. These storytelling conversations are the colours of our human fabric that bind us to the endless tapestry of life; past, present, future – and equally importantly, to each other.

Some people think blogging has lost its relevance and is ‘out of date’. I strongly disagree and say we have only scratched the surface of the extraordinary potential of blogging. It’s not about being ‘late to blogging’, it’s about realising the importance of our voices and the necessity of sharing our stories, insights and experiences. There are infinite ways to tell the same story, so why not start now?

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