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30 books about Herstory to enjoy!

Over the last few months, I have received some really lovely emails from many of you, asking if I could please post a list of books I would recommend about women in history. So here it is.

This list is a selection of some of my favourite books. Some are about women in history and others, are written by women in history. In my humble opinion, I believe these works keep their relevance and importance despite their age and the passage of time.

As I have referred to, in most of my blogs and in my book The Hidden Camino, too much research is still avoiding discussing the problematic pre-conceived narratives with regards to women (and gender) in history.

Therefore, I am inviting you to join a lifelong adventure in exploring the narratives of our history – in all its colours. It’s not about reaching ‘the perfect place of absolute truth,’ as this fantasy simply doesn’t exist (please read The Hidden Camino for further explanation.)

Instead, I would like to encourage you to allow this magnificent journey to unfold, as you learn to see with new eyes, to wonder, and feel compelled to ask new questions. It’s both an individual and a collective journey towards a much deeper understanding of who we are, and where we come from.

Happy exploring.

xo Louise

The book list.

Blixen, Karen. Out of Africa, 2011, Penguin Books

Blixen, Karen (Isaak Dinesen.) Babette’s Feast and Other Stories, 2013, Penguin Books

Borman, Tracy. Elizabeth’s Women, 2010, Vintage Publishing

Carter, Jimmy. A Call to Action – Women, Religion, Violence, and Power, 2014, Simon & Schuster

Cooney, Kara. When Women ruled the world, 2010, National Geographic Society

Cooney, Kara. The Woman Who Would be King, 2015, Crown Publishing Group

Cooper, Ellis. Band of Angels – The forgotten world of early Christian women, 2013, Atlantic Books

Corelli, Marie. A Romance of Two Worlds, 2021, Edinburgh University Press

Cross, Donna W., Pope Joan, 1996, Ballantine Books

Diamant, Anita. The Red Tent, 2014, St. Martin’s Press

Ellis, Peter B., Celtic Women, 1995, Constable and Company Ltd

Foster, Judy: M. Derlet. Invisible Women of Prehistory, 2013, Spinifex

Frieda, Leonie. Catherine de Medici – Renaissance Queen of France, 2006, HarperCollins

Gero, Joan: Margaret Conkey. Engendering Archaeology – Women and Prehistory, 1991, Blackwell Publishers

Helminski, Camille. Women of Sufism – A Hidden Treasure, 2003, Shambhala

Herman, Eleanor. Mistress of the Vatican, 2008, Harper Perennial

Jennings, Victoria. God as Mother, 2002, Inner Search Books

Parker, K. L. Wise women of the Dreamtime, 1993, Inner Traditions International

Parker, Rozsika: Pollock, G. Old Mistresses – Women, Art and Ideology, 2013, I.B.Tauris

Lagerlof, Selma. The Wonderful Adventure of Nils Holgersson, 2018, Penguin Classics

Lindgren, Astrid. Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter, 2001, Penguin Putnam

Robin Cross: R. Miles. Warrior Women, 2011, Quercus

Robson, Pamela. Wild Women, 2011, Murdoch Books

Spike, Michele. Tuscan Countess, 2004, Vendome

Stein, Gertrude. Selective Writings of Gertrude Stein, 1990, Random House

Stradling, J. Bad Girls & Wicked Women, 2008, Murdoch Books

Swan, Laura, The Wisdom of the Beguines, 2014, Bluebridge

Thompson, Kate. The Doorstep Society, 2019, Penguin Books

Tracy, Jann. Marie Corelli: Shakespeare’s Companion, 2017, Walking Stork Publications

Wallach, Janet. Desert Queen, 2004, Orion books

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