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Cultural Narratives

The Story of my blog

Imagine standing at the crossroads of history and modernity, the past and the future, where ancient stories whisper secrets and contemporary voices seek meaning. This is my blog #culturalnarratives - a sanctuary where cultural psychology, spiritual exploration, creativity and connecting narratives converge.

Please take your time to enjoy everything that's being offered here.

Embracing Cultural Storytelling Through Film and TV

Embarking on a journey of cultural storytelling, creativity, and self-discovery is not just limited to books and personal reflection. Movies and TV shows offer powerful visual narratives that can inspire, educate, and connect us with diverse cultures, histories, and spiritual themes.

Whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of cultural heritage, explore the divine feminine, or simply enjoy a beautifully told story, this curated list of films and TV series will guide you through a rich tapestry of human experiences. Dive into these compelling stories and let them spark your imagination and enrich your journey of self-discovery.


  1. The Secret of Kells - A young boy in a remote medieval outpost is tasked with completing a magical book.

  2. Whale Rider - A young Maori girl fights to fulfill a destiny her grandfather refuses to recognize.

  3. The Cave of the Yellow Dog - A Mongolian girl adopts a stray dog, reflecting on traditional nomadic life.

  4. Moana - A spirited teenager sets sail to save her people, guided by her ancestors.

  5. Sita Sings the Blues - An animated film that retells the epic Indian tale of Ramayana.

  6. Coco - A young boy's journey into the Land of the Dead to uncover his family's history.

  7. Princess Mononoke - A tale of conflict between industrial civilization and nature.

  8. The Red Turtle - A story of a man shipwrecked on an island, discovering the mysteries of life.

  9. Out of Africa - A beautiful story about Karen Blixen's time in Africa.

  10. The Color Purple - An African American woman in the early 1900s faces hardship and finds her voice.

TV Shows

  1. Roots - The story of an African man sold into slavery and his descendants.

  2. The Crown - A historical drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

  3. Outlander - A time-traveling drama blending history, romance, and fantasy.

  4. Anne with an E - A reimagined classic that explores identity and belonging.

  5. Another Self – The journey of a medical doctor

  6. The Story of God with Morgan Freeman - Exploring different cultures' perspectives on God.

  7. Green Frontier – A criminal detective’s journey into the rainforest where crime, tribes and Earth are in conflict. 

  8. Lovecraft Country - Exploring racial issues through a mix of horror and history.

  9. The Gift - A Turkish series exploring art, mythology, and the journey of self-discovery.

  10. Victoria - The life of Queen Victoria and the cultural changes of her time.

Additional Movies and TV Shows

  1. Persepolis - A young girl's coming of age in Iran during and after the Islamic Revolution.

  2. Gandhi - The life of Mahatma Gandhi, leader of India's non-violent independence movement.

  3. Queen of Katwe - A Ugandan girl's journey from the slums to becoming a chess champion.

  4. Amélie - A whimsical story of a young woman in Paris finding joy in life's small pleasures.

  5. Into the Wild - A man's journey into the Alaskan wilderness in search of self-discovery.

  6. Eat Pray Love - A woman's journey across the world to find herself after a divorce.

  7. Julie & Julia - Parallel stories of Julia Child's start in the cooking profession and Julie Powell's challenge to cook all the recipes in Child's first book.

  8. Wadjda - A Saudi girl who challenges tradition to achieve her dream of owning a bicycle.

  9. The Last Samurai - A story of cultural conflict and transformation in Japan.

  10. The Joy Luck Club - The stories of four Chinese-American immigrant families.

  11. The Hundred-Foot Journey - A culinary journey bridging Indian and French cultures.

  12. The Motorcycle Diaries - The journey of a young Che Guevara through South America.

  13. Spirited Away - A young girl's adventure in a mystical spirit world.

  14. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind - A boy in Malawi who helps his village by building a wind turbine.

  15. Avatar - A tale of colonization and cultural clash on the planet Pandora.

  16. Hidden Figures - The story of African American female mathematicians at NASA.

  17. Slumdog Millionaire - A Mumbai teen reflects on his life while competing on a game show.

  18. Lion - A man's journey to find his family after being lost as a child in India.

  19. Beasts of the Southern Wild - A young girl's resilience in the face of environmental and personal challenges.

  20. The Pursuit of Happyness - A father's journey from homelessness to success.

  21. Wild - A woman's solo hike on the Pacific Crest Trail as a journey of self-discovery.

  22. The King's Speech - King George VI's efforts to overcome his stammer.

  23. Selma - The civil rights marches from Selma to Montgomery.

  24. The Danish Girl - Inspired by the lives of Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener.

  25. Brooklyn - An Irish immigrant's adaptation to life in 1950s Brooklyn.

  26. The Greatest Showman - The story of P.T. Barnum's creation of the circus.

  27. A Beautiful Mind - The life of John Nash, a brilliant but troubled mathematician.

  28. The Zookeeper's Wife - The true story of the keepers of the Warsaw Zoo during World War II.

  29. The Theory of Everything - The life of Stephen Hawking.

  30. Freedom Writers - A teacher's efforts to inspire her at-risk students.

  31. Mulan - A young woman disguises herself as a man to fight in the Chinese army.

  32. Coraline - A young girl discovers a secret, sinister parallel world.

  33. The Breadwinner - A girl's struggle to help her family in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

  34. The Intouchables - The bond between a disabled man and his caretaker.

  35. Finding Forrester - A young writer's relationship with a reclusive author.

  36. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - A martial arts love story set in ancient China.

  37. The Man Who Knew Infinity - The life of mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.

  38. The Kite Runner - The friendship and redemption of two boys from Afghanistan.

  39. Mary and Max - An unlikely friendship between two pen pals.

  40. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - A story of friendship between two boys during the Holocaust.

Let these films and TV shows inspire you, enrich your understanding, and connect you to the vast, beautiful tapestry of human experience and cultural storytelling. I hope they will inspire you to ask questions, to explore more stories and hopefully, even your own story.

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Louise Sommer is an Educational Psychological Consultant specializing in cultural psychology, multi-cultural communication, and creativity. She is the author of the bestseller "The Hidden Camino," a profound exploration of historical and spiritual narratives. As a professional blogger, Louise delves into the intricate relationships between cultural narratives, identity, and spirituality, offering unique insights and fostering understanding in a multi-cultural and creative world. Discover more about her work and writings at


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