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Unveiling the Origin and Evolution of 'The Oracle of Delphi'; From the Voice of the Earth to the Voice of a Man.

Here is a continuation of my former blog post about the Oracle of Delphi. In this post, I would like to direct your attention to a documentary produced by History Channel, which is actually really good and worth seeing. Yay! We like that kind of TV, don't we?!

Fresco of the Greek God Apollo playing a harp
Apollo is the Greek god of music, poetry, light, prophecy, and medicine. Photo: Shutterstock

An interesting detail towards the end of the documentary, is that the scholars contradict themselves. Throughout the documentary, up until this moment, they have persistently referred to the Oracle as a 'voice for Apollo'. A Greek male God.

View over the temple ground. It is believed the oracle sat inside this temple complex.
Delphi Greece
A view over the mountains where the oracle's lived for thousands of years before the Greek came.

And then, at the end of the program, the presenters mention, that the tradition of the oracle had existed a long time before the religion of Apollo. In fact, the Oracle tradition had existed for several thousands of years before Apollo was created. Her voice then, "had belonged to the 'soft and gentle Earth and Mother God."

As this information is obviously known to the researchers of this program from before it was recorded, how is it then possible that they keep insisting that the Oracle was a servant to Apollo?

It is so obvious to the attentative viewer, that a spiritual tradition of goddesses belonging to the ancient and much ignored matriarchal cultures, sadly appears irrelevant to these male scholars, and hence lacking importance.

Apparently, a violent male god, owning' a woman and her voice, seems so much more appealing to them. And as such, they continue a story that is both incorrect, but it also denies women - it denies all of us - our true cultural and spiritual legacy of who we are, and were we come from. And just as important, who we can become again!

This case is yet another of the many examples of how (mostly) men, science, the media and mainstream thinking keep ignoring and suppressing the importance and power of women in history - especially, when it comes to the enormous influence and power women held in relation to our spirituality and connection to the Divine.

However, I really do hope you want to watch this documentary as it really is quite interesting and a bit different than the usual ones about The Oracle of Delphi. So get the popcorn going and enjoy!

If you have read my book The Hidden Camino, and the other posts here, you will know what I mean, when I strongly question if we can trust the version of historical truth, when women and everything related to them, is constantly being analysed and understood through these coloured glasses of ignorance and suppression. So let's begin a new conversation, a new way reference, when exploring where we come from, our cultural inheritance and as such, where we are going.

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