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copyright Louise Sommer

Everyone has heard of the Camino de Compostela – a famous pilgrimage across the north of Spain undertaken since the time of the Celts. 


Lesser known is that the pilgrimage silently holds the memories of Mary Magdalene’s origins, her role as a leader and those extraordinary women, who followed in her footsteps. A fact first revealed to Louise Sommer in a series of dreams that inspired her to walk 800km across Spain. 

Follow in the author’s footsteps and experience a world of wonders and revelations as the hidden truth about all these inspiring women step out from behind the shadows and take their rightful place in herstory. 


This book will not only make you question everything you think and believe about the Camino. It is also a celebration of women’s lost legacy. 


It all starts with an invitation. This is yours!

This is what Dr. Jim Brown, Emeritus Assistant Professor in History from Elon University, USA, says about The Hidden Camino:

"Wonderful experience! Louise Sommer shows us that our learning and history must be more than a passive experience."

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