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When booking any of our services, you fully accept and respect the following:

  1. All sessions and quotes must be paid in full to secure your appointment. 

  2. All payments are via PayPal (Credit Cards are welcome) or via bank transfer (Australians only.)

  3. A no-show will not be refunded. See #4 for what a No-show is.

  4. If you are late: I will wait up to 15 minutes. Should you fail to show up for your scheduled session by then, it will be viewed as a no-show.

  5. You can change your appointment up to 24 hours before your scheduled session via this email. Not via messenger or any other platforms.

  6. Sorry, I don't give refunds.

  7. Yes, I do provide Gift Cards! Please contact me so I can create a personal Gift Card for you.

  8. If you have any questions in regards to the information above, it is your responsibility to contact me to clarify your questions before booking your session/s with me.


Our ZERO abuse tolerance Policy

Please keep in mind, that we have a ZERO abuse tolerance policy. It is entirely up to Louise Sommer and/or any of her team members to decided when/if the client is abusive. Should this situation occour:

1. All immediate work in session will be stopped without any further explation. 

2. All future sessions/bookings will be cancelled with no refund! This includes tours, workshops and social media.

3. It will not be possible for you to book any further personal appointments or events with us.

4. No exceptions.

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