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Is it time to UPGRADE your blog?!
Bring back its VIBRANCY & VISIBILITY?!
To really make it SHINE and CONNECT?!

This online course teach you all the steps, and everything you need to know, to create a relatable and successful business blog that stands out with vibrancy and clarity.

Everybody can learn it! Yes, you too!!

Are you ready to change your blog from slumber to FIREWORKS & HYPERSPEED?!


Welcome! I am Louise Sommer;  your guide and captain on this adventurous BLOG MAKEOVER journey.


Oh my gosh! and totally YAY!

BONUS 1: 'The blog ECO-system' Advanced Masterclass. 

How to really work your SEO. 

In this webinar, you will learn the most important knowledge you will need today, to create a successful blog ECO-system. You will learn what a blog Eco-system is, the major keystones within the blog Eco-system and how to use and navigate these keystones within your blog ECO-system.

BONUS 2: Continuing Support

Continuing support and feedback via Q&A in closed FB group


BONUS 3: Forever access

Forever access to course and course updates

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"Louise is very genuine and facilitates the course from her heart and with so much respect. The course content is so informative and helpful for those already blogging or wanting to blog. Louise creates a comfortable space to ask questions, to consolidate your learning and review the next steps for you to take for your project. A true teacher and mentor!"

Araba Mishiwo

B&B Owner

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Why blogging? And why a makeover?

We use to say that every business needs to have a high-quality blog to tell the story of their brand and business products - and so, many started a blog - just to abondon it.


Today the concept of blogging has changed dramatically, and expanded so much, that it literally holds infinite possibilities. Blogging is no longer a simple recipe where you go from A to B to C and post on a weekly basis. Today, blogging is about understanding a complex landscape of possibilities that allows the blogger to create their own unique journey to achieve success.


I teach you the landscape of the blog landscape and how to navigate your blog journey with confidence, creativity and success! 


Teaching Methods
How to get the best out of the course

This course is built in such a way that offers a learning style based on your creative intelligence. The lectures are set up so we change between didactive lecturing and creative exercises, where you will apply the material to your own blog project. We will then be sharing via our closed FB group and Q&A’s. 


In this way you will not only expand, on both technical and cognitive levels, you will also expand on emotional and creative levels. This way of teaching cultivates a deeper, and more inspired, way that will enable you to truly master all steps and areas within the blog landscape in a confident and successful way.


It is therefore highly recommended that you ‘forget’ what you think you know about blogging, when you start this course. This will allow you to be open, and experience the knowledge presented, with fresh new eyes. When you show up to this educative course, show up to yourself!


Enjoy the journey and see it as a blog adventure – this will allow you to get both the best and the most out of what it offers.


"Very interesting and informative content. I was attentive the whole time. Louise is an excellent teacher. I love that she has so much experience in this area. I feel very inspired to put what I have learnt into practice. I also feel so much more empowered."


Irene Sheard

Healthy Aging with Irene

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In this BLOG MAKEOVER you receive:

6 weeks - 1 class a week.

Week 1: The Sustainable Foundation

Week 2: The Visual

Week 3: Blog language & post set-up

Week 4: Creating creative content year after year

Week 5: Authenthic Marketing & SEO

Week 6: Getting the Word out! & SEO


  1. Advanced Masterclass: The Blog ECO-system 

  2. Continuing support and feedback via Q&A in closed FB group

  3. Forever access to course and course updates

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