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Our business, Byron and Beyond Networking has had the pleasure of engaging Louise Sommer as a speaker for our networking breakfast meetings and workshops. Louise consistently delivers presentations that are not only rich in knowledge but also brimming with innovative ideas and inspiration for our members. Working with Louise is always a seamless experience – she is not only easy to collaborate with but also upholds high ethical standards, showcasing reliability in every aspect of her engagements.


In addition to her impactful presentations, we have been utilizing Louise's graphic design services for many years. Her creations are nothing short of exquisite and possess a timeless quality that reflects her exceptional artistic skills.


Recently, I recommended Louise to a long-time friend in Sydney to organize her blog, and the results were extraordinary. My friend was not only delighted with Louise's work but has since become a regular client, consistently benefiting from the quality and professionalism that Louise brings to her services.


In summary, Louise Sommer is a highly skilled professional whose expertise extends across both engaging presentations and top-notch graphic design. We wholeheartedly recommend her services for anyone seeking excellence and reliability in their projects.


Much love,

Rosemarie Toynbee, Owner Byron and Beyond Business Networking


"Byron and Beyond Business Networking offer small events including breakfasts and coffee meet-ups which are open to members and visitors. Business networking breakfasts have a guest speaker while other events have a topic for discussion. You are also given ample opportunity to connect with other attendees as each event is capped so you “do not get lost in the crowd”.

I engaged Louise in 2023 to assist me in rebuilding my website & overall digital presence.


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Louise in a collaborative act of co-creation. Louise has the technical skills, the personal discipline & the spiritual creativity to make it all happen easily & seamlessly. I was extremely delighted with the end result & now have a far superior digital platform to work from that I would never have been able to create myself.


Louise was able to decipher my needs & turn them into a sophisticated yet attractive website that is fluid, functional & user friendly. She created the links to other platforms so that the overall digital vehicle is there ready to drive.


What particularly impressed me is Louise' absolute commitment to the work & her impeccable work ethic which comes from her Scandinavian background. Although she works with the highest spiritual intent & conviction, Louise is also totally grounded & professional in her delivery. Timelines & milestones were set & executed. The whole process was extremely efficient, easy & fun. We communicated well, respecting each other's contribution & skill sets. It was a totally win-win exercise.


I can thoroughly recommend Louise to any prospective client as a great & honourable person to co-create with. You will not be disappointed or kept waiting. You will get the job done, well!


Adrian Emery

author | entrepreneur | philosopher | mentor

"Author, entrepreneur, business owner, environmentalist & keen gardener. Adrian Emery has devoted his life to creating a new philosophy called LifeWorks based on understanding the laws, principles & codes that make life work easily, effortlessly & successfully. Life is a gift & we are here to enjoy life & be successful: it is our birthright."

When I think back to 2021, in the days that COVID-19 had put my travel career on hold, I had the glimmer of an idea to write a travel blog. What a stroke of Serendipity it was that I reached out to a long time friend who runs a prominent Byron Bay business networking club to see if she knew anyone that could help me. She said, “yes, I can highly recommend Louise Sommer who is well skilled in this area”. 

I’m so grateful for this introduction as Louise facilitated my dream to become a reality. Louise worked with me to create a scalable & articulate concept that would allow her to create a website, blog & Instagram that I am so proud of. Louise coached me on how to upload all my own content, understand how to use SEOs (search engine optimisation) & how to navigate this new world of technology that I was so novice in.  With her tuition I now find this very easy to use. 

When I think about the learning curve I took on & amount of information I had to distil, Louise made this process a joy to understand. It was ridiculous for me to even imagine I could get a blog off the ground, but with Louise Sommer’s expertise this rocket ship has launched & the rest of the story can be found at “Destination Serendipity”.

Sunny Regards, 

Linda Gaden (also known as Linda De Angelis) 

Professional Travel Agent & Travel Blogger

"Welcome to Destination Serendipity for inspired travel journeys.  I’m Linda De Angelis and I have travelled all over the world as a professional travel advisor and I invite you to join my adventures." yoga teacher coach.png

"Daunted by the prospect of designing and creating my own website, I started working with Louise in 2021.  She knew all of the right questions to ask me about the ‘feel’ and ‘look’ of my website.  Louise just ‘got’ me.  She listened to my requests and gave me options to work with.  


Communication was always clear which was a big one for me. I felt that Louise understood exactly what I wanted.


Deadlines were met and I looked forward to our times together to discuss the next steps.  I’ve since gone on to be a student in several of Louise’s courses that she runs.  She is a very caring and professional woman who wants to see you succeed.  I highly recommend working with her. "

Cate Bales

Health coach, yoga teacher and 'crone'


Cate Bales is an experienced yoga teacher, health coach and a modern Crone - "a title I believe I have earned through my life experiences and reflections, with the wisdom and wrinkles that come from these."

Louise helped reboot my passion for getting my story-telling writing on track to share with the world. Louise’s deep listening and innovative ideas helped me to steer a course for my own business style. 

Louise listens deeply and offers intelligent wisdom which empowers your soul.  


Many thanks for your beautiful self,

Karen-Lee Williams

Author and Public Speaker about life on the Autism Spectrum

"Karen-Lee Williams is a parent carer who writes beautifully illustrated photo books for people on the Autism spectrum and their loving families. These easy to read books celebrate the many strengths of the neurodiverse community."

Ingrid Gottschalk wellness and wholesome living.png

Thank you, Louise, for the beautiful website you helped me create! I felt at ease under your guidance, your suggestions were spot on, and I felt understood. You were easy to work with and always prompt with your replies and deadlines.

I really enjoyed working with you and would highly recommend you to anybody who needs help with their platforms and 'getting out there'. Good luck in your ventures, Louise!


Much love,

Ingrid Gottschalk

Wellness Coach and owner of Ingrids Wellness

"Ingrid Gottschalk is a wholesome wellness coach who specialises in quitting smoking and losing weight. Ingrid makes a healthy life and lasting weightloss within reach and successful. "

After diving into unknown territory with plenty of reservations, I decided to enrol in a blogging course with Louise Sommer. Although I had never written before and was not at all tech savvy, I was more worried I would be a hindrance to the class. I knew from the first lesson that I had made a great decision and any worries I had soon disappeared.


From the first session I noticed Louise had such a passion for blogging that it was instantly contagious. She catered to each student's depth of knowledge, communicating complex concepts into a clear and simple manner which made for an engaging learning experience. The presentation and structure of the course was wonderful, and I went on to enroll in a second blogging course with Louise which was also amazing. 


I then took several private sessions with Louise who then helped with the design and setting up my blog. I gained so much valuable knowledge from these sessions with Louise, she gave me immense guidance and was always there to assist me whenever I needed to ask anything. Her advice was honest and invaluable. 


I would highly recommend Louise. She shows passion in what she does, is very inspiring and I love the fact that she genuinely wants you to succeed at what you are doing.


Thank you Louise, for your guidance and invaluable contributions to my continued blogging journey. 


Debbie Smithers,

Travel blogger | Entrepreneur | Adventurer

"I am a water baby, a Sunseeker, and an adventure lover. Give me anything outdoors, new or exciting and I am in. I love surfing, walking and especially music. I am a mediocre cook and a halfhearted dancer. Join me on my many adventures. It's never too late."

by soul business mette kronholt.png

"Jeg har igennem en længere periode haft fornøjelsen af, at arbejde tæt sammen med Louise i min enkeltmands-virksomhed. I den forbindelse har Louise taget sig af bl.a. min tidligere hjemmeside, lavet smukke billeder til SoME og i en periode administreret min Instagram profil delvist.


Louise er super skarp, virkelig erfaren og har en dyb og bred viden om rigtig meget, hvilke gør hende til en fantastisk sparringspartner.


Louise er virkelig grundig, dygtig og leverer altid som lovet. Der er styr på deadlines, aftaler og  regler.


Derudover er Louise bare et fantastisk, varmt, kærligt og kreativt væsen, som bidrager med masser af nyskabende, gode og fantastiske kreative ideer.


Jeg har elsket at have Louise hjælp og giver hende mine varmeste anbefalinger."


Kæmp kram fra mig.
Mette Kronholt

Psykolog og ejer af by-SOUL

Mette er mentor, spiritual terapeut og dedikeret til at leve og skabe med sjæl. By-Soul-Business hjælper dig med at gore det samme i din forretning.

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