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The Power of Authentic Connection: Exploring the Link between Authenticity and Connectedness

In my previous blog, I asked: How can we be authentic, when we are constantly told we are not good enough? And how can we, as individuals, stand out from the crowd, when so many others are saying, looking and doing the same things?

In this blog post, I will delve even deeper into how we can use our personal history and cultural inheritance to become more authentic, connected, and heart-centred bloggers, entrepreneurs and business owners. Let me start with a little story from my own upbringing in Scandinavia. I hope this story till inspire you to look at your own story with curiousity.

I was born and raised in Denmark, Scandinavia. In the neighborhood where I lived, as a little girl, was a forest where we often would walk. Hidden away from the main path was an ancient Runic stone. Even as I am writing this blog post, so many years later, I can still remember the magical sensations I experienced whenever I passed by this ancient stone. It made me feel so deeply connected to a much ‘bigger story’, one that spanned beyond time and space.

On a subconsciousness level, I knew, I was connected to an old (Viking) culture and the people who had once lived where I now lived. I knew, I was part of their history – and thus, they also became a part of my history. This beautiful connection was such a special gift as it made me feel, that I had a worth as a person, independent of time and culture – and that I had a right to live, exist and to choose, in my own right.

A beautful example of a runic stone from Sweden. Shutterstock
A beautful example of a runic stone from Sweden. Shutterstock

This experience is one of many that has shaped me, and helped me to be where I am today, and who I am today. Try and think about your own life experiences? Can you think of some experiences that ended up having a deep impact on who you became, just like my story about the Runic stone?

Here is one small exercise to help you on your own journey. You have five seconds to write down the answers!

Write down the first three things that comes to mind about the place where you grew up. Do not think too much about the answers. Just write down the first ones that come to you and remember, there are only right answers.

It was easy, wasn’t it? You now have three beautiful and unique things connecting you to your authenticity and history. I have run endless workshops and helped so many clients explore their own cultural and historical uniqueness. Some said to me, before their workshop started, that they didn’t expect that I could teach them anything new or interesting about themselves. Well let’s just say, that they all walked away rather surprised. I think they forgot I have walked this path myself for over 30 years, so I do have some insights into how it works.

You might now understand why there is no need to go looking outside of yourselves. Too many people try so hard to adjust to the current and quick changing fashion of what is perceived to be good enough or, even worse, copyand steal from other creators. Instead, learn to become better at telling your own story. That is what make you so special and unique.

We all know that business today is all about branding. And branding is all about getting our messages across, and being super recognizable, one in a very large pool of fish. Cultivate your brand so it becomes an extension of your story. That will make your brand appear not only authentic but also interesting.

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