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10 Tips for Top-Notch Blogging Success

Let's look at the TOP 10 of blogging. This list will help you build a blog people will #love. I developed this Top 10 of blogging list by analysing a large selection of successful international bloggers across many different topics, cultures and blogging forms.

I am going to teach you what I teach all of my students in my blogging workshops. This is the top 10 of secrets that will help you create a loved blog. So let's get started.

The number one in the top 10 of blogging is that a blog is professional in a personal way. This means that you don't have to write long complicated technical essays. No. Instead, this is the place where you can share your own personal reflections, insights and experiences. So let's say that you are blogging about home renovations, well, then you will use a lot of time talking about the different kinds of tools, techniques, materials that you work with in your different home renovation projects. You'll talk about where you succeed and where you failed, and what experiences you gained from this, as well as how this made you grow as a home renovator. That is being professional in a personal way.

The number two of the top 10 of blogging, is that a blog is easy and quick to read. Remember, a blog post is something very simple. And the way that you structure your blog is very important because this is how people quickly can scan and read the material that you are sharing.

The number three in the top 10 of blogging is that a blog must be pleasing to the eye and the mind. So you don't want to have anything that distract people away from what you are offering them.

The number four. In a sense, you could say that each blog post is an answer to a question or is a help to a problem or an issue.

The number five of top ten of blogging is that it's all about passionate and creative storytelling. And this is one of the superpowers of blogging. I actually once had a client, who, if you want it to be very technical, could say there's all these things you have to fix in your creative writing. But her creative writing style was so unique, so beautiful, so personal and so passionate, that I had her promise me that she would never do a writing course, because she was just amazing and extraordinary the way that she was. She was the perfect blog writer. So don't worry about perfection. Just love what you do. That's what blogging is all about.

The number six of the top 10 of blogging is the KISS principle. Keep it simple. Each blog post is a very simple piece of educative information.

The number seven of the top 10 of blogging is that you should always invite visitors to subscribe to your blog in at least three places, in each blog post.

Number eight. How long should a blog post be? Now, I want to tell you that the international online platforms and societies that I write for, are very specific about being 900 words per article. That length has worked really well for me as a blogger too. But I've had some clients and they write very short blog posts between 200 to 300 words and that works really well too. Try to find out what works best for your creative voice and stick to that. Be consistent with the length, and the size of the general blog post, and you will do perfectly fine.

Number nine of the top 10 of blogging is; blogging is a journey without an end destination. Blogging is an adventure. Enjoy the journey and honor the process. It's all part of the creative storytelling.

And now we have arrived at number 10. Be yourself! That is your superpower as a blogger, because there is nobody else in this world just like you. Do what's true to you, do what's true to your purpose as a blogger. Do what's real to you and stay authentic. That is your superpower!

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